Monday, February 21, 2011


A few thoughts/notes on suffering...

1. God’s will be done, for His Glory

a. As King and Creator, His Will is as good as done and His purpose will not be compromised; don’t forget God’s purpose in creating the world was to bring Glory to His Name

b. For those in Christ, God will do all things for your good

2. Produce fruit in one’s life

a. Endurance, character, hope (Romans 5:3-4) (James 1:3)

b. Purpose of Sanctification – transformation into His likeness

3. Evangelism

a. Display the nature of Christ’s suffering

b. If Christ’s suffering was the ultimate manifestation of the Glory of God’s Grace, then displaying the nature of Christ’s suffering in our suffering will point unbelievers to the ultimate act of mercy and wrath, Christ’s saving death (gospel = where mercy meets wrath)

c. How will unbelievers truly know where our VALUE lies, if it appears it lies in our comfortable and prosperous lifestyles

1. We are called to be stripped of things, so we may display in our suffering, our true inheritance is in Christ, not things

I have never been through terrible physical suffering. I feel as if I don't know the slightest thing about experiencing suffering. However, I am learning from scripture it is the natural result of being a Christian in this world. And because I also believe nothing lies outside the will of God, I wonder "what is God's purpose for suffering in our lives?" I am still unclear in many ways, but I think it's important we think about it, in preparation for the suffering we should anticipate, for the glory of Christ.

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