Monday, February 21, 2011

Return to Your Rest

"Return, O my soul,
to your rest;
for the LORD has dealt
bountifully with you"

Psalm 116:7

Something I need to remind myself every morning. Physically, our bodies arise from rest in the morning. We awake from our sleep. Yet, with this comes the anxiety, stress and forgetfulness of the day. I am bombarded with to-do lists, the assignments keep coming, not to mention I have work later in the day. So with the morning comes the fear, insecurity and restlessness. When my feet hit the floor, the battle begins. I instantly begin eating the bread of anxious toil (psalm 27). My thoughts are on everything but Jesus.

This verse has been a tremendous encouragement and reminder, that while I am waking from my physical rest, I must return to my spiritual rest. I must remember who I am in Christ. I must remember that God, not sparing His own Son, will sufficiently provide all my needs, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, for this day. I must remember that God has dealt bountifully with me. I must return to this rest.

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