Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jesus: The Key to the Story

"So Jesus is the key to the story. Jesus is the key, as well, because he expresses undeniably the character and intentions of the story's protagonist, God. If we think that the biblical story is about how we can ascend to God, we have it completely wrong. God is the one who comes to his people to enter into intimate covenant relationship with them and to be with them forever. Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, comes in the flesh. The Old Testament draws us to recognize and respond in love to the coming God. The final chapters of Revelation confirm that God's dwelling with his people, ever his concern from the beginning, is his ultimate goal in which he will ultimately be satisfied.

Jesus is the key to the story, finally because he is the Christian's Redeemer. He is the one who by his death purchases us for God. He is our way into the story, the one who makes the story ours. He is the one who opens our eyes to see it and embrace it. We do not come to God, first of all, by looking at his creation. In fact, without Jesus, we cannot rightly grasp the significance of creation. For us then, the story begins with Jesus."

Mike Williams--'Far as the Curse is Found' (pg. 2-3)

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