Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beloved for Jesus' Sake

"You do not get love from God for any reason apart from Jesus' sake. He's not impressed with you because you lead ministries. He doesn't love you more because you fasted for 41 days. He doesn't approve of you more because you pray, and encourage people and write people Bible verses or tweet about Jesus. There is nothing apart from Jesus alone that will produce for us the lavished favor and love of the father. God loves you because of Jesus alone. How has he loved us, he loved us enough to send his only Son Jesus to die for us."

David Choi, as preached at Wheaton College, 9/3/2010

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  1. Tucci thanks for the encouragement. It brought me to your blog and this post which is unreal. I am pumped to read about how the Lord is working in you and Josh. I hope to see you soon man.