Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pervasiveness of Sin in All Culture

"In the midst of this issue we encounter the effects of sin on human cultures. No society, or aspect of any society, if free from the outworkings of human pride, self-centeredness and the desire to be in control: these are signs of the corruption of our God-given dominion. Customs such as human sacrifice, female circumcision, widow burning, foot binding, prostitution, slavery and torture are clearly opposed to God's will for human life. Others are less obviously wrong, but reinforce  sinful attitudes such as selfishness, greed or lust; television commercials provide plenty of evidence of the highly ambiguous culture of consumerism. Even in those aspects of culture which embody the highest ideals to which human beings aspire, or which celebrate the goodness of God that pervades everyday life, sin is present. Consider birth, retirement, setting up a new home, or beginning a meal: a child can be seen only as evidence of a parent's achievement, whether in fertility or child rearing; retirement as boasting or escaping to laziness; a new home can provide the chance for ostentatious display; and even grace at the table can be a means of controlling behavior. Indeed, the worst idols are precisely the best things set in the place of God, and it is their God-given goodness which makes them attractive."

From Charles Sherlock's, The Doctrine of Humanity

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