Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back in the Saddle

If you are someone who reads this blog, you can probably tell that over the last 5 months, our (Josh and mine) activity has been lacking relative to previous months. This has been partly intentional, partly circumstantial, and partly due to forgetfulness.

It was intentional in that I (Mike) was beginning to notice that posting on here subtly became a burden, and my resulting posts became increasingly sloppy and thoughtless. I came to realize that I had forgotten Josh's and I's original intention in starting this blog; to be a place where we could center our thoughts on the glorious gospel of God's unfathomable love for those who had gone astray. This blog was created to be a place of refreshment. It was meant to be a place where sinners could plunge deep into the depths of God's mercy and once again be reminded of the story in which they live; the story of our Heavenly Father unceasingly pursuing our adoption and redemption. When my posts lacked this foundational motivation, I decided that it would be good to take a break.

The lack of posts was also circumstantial. It is true that as you grow older, life gets busier. Josh is currently entering his 4th year of medical school at the University of Illinois. If  you don't know much about med school, just know that there are frequent periods where you are hostage to a very demanding schedule, sometimes 70-80 hours in a week. Thus, writing on behalf of Josh, I know he is busy. For me (Mike), there are a couple updates. First and foremost, I got married! On August 11th, I married the love of my life and best friend, Ally (now Berttucci......check out here blog HERE). All this to say, with a wedding comes a lot of planning and craziness. On top of the wedding, I'm still full time with Rebirth: East St. Louis, as well as taking part time classes at Covenant Seminary. I'm hoping now that Ally and I are finally getting settled in our new apartment and getting more into a routine, I will have more opportunities to write.

Over the past several weeks, I have realized how much I have missed writing on All of Grace. I realized that writing on here was not just about posting  something so that others could read. Rather, it is an opportunity for me to stop, to reflect, and to center myself upon the gospel. I realized that I needed it for my refreshment. Of course, life is busy, which means that circumstantially I may not be able to write as much. Yet, I know that it takes intentionality and discipline to consistently ground myself in the reality of the gospel. I also know that this is something I deeply desire and need. To that end, it is my hope to re-enter the blogging world by aiming to write at least a couple times a week on here. As always, I love when people comment, encourage, or interact with anything myself or Josh writes.

Looking forward to being back in the saddle. 

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