Monday, December 17, 2012

Losing Sight of Sin

"Christians are rapidly losing sight of sin as the root of all human woes. And many Christians are explicitly  denying that their own sin can be the cause of their personal anguish. More and more are attempting to explain in the human dilemma in wholly unbiblical terms: temperament, addiction, dysfunctional families, the child within, codependency, and a host of other irresponsible escape mechanisms promoted by secular psychology. 

The potential impact of such a drift is frightening. Remove the reality of sin, and you take away the possibility of repentance. Abolish the doctrine of human depravity and you void the divine plan of salvation. Erase the notion  of personal guilt and you eliminate the need for a Savior. 

John MacArthur, The Vanishing of Conscience: Drawing the Line in a No-Fault, Guilt-Free World (Dalles: Word, 1994), 11.

Simply put: If you minimize sin, you minimize Jesus.

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