Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Between Idolatries

How do we determine what a worship service should look like? In his book, Christ Centered Worship, author Bryan Chapell discusses two dangerous ends of the worship spectrum. On one end is rigorous tradition. In this method, there is an exact prescription to which a worship service must strictly adhere to. There is one right way. On the other end of the spectrum is worship based on experience. Whatever gives an emotive personal worship experience is what should be used. In other words, if it tastes good, eat it. However, both of these extremes are dangerous. The alternative is Christ-centered worship, allowing for both biblical tradition as well as freedom in personal experience and expression. Bryan Chapell writes:

"Between these idolatries of tradition and experience is Christ-centered worship whose aspects reflect an enduring gospel that shapes the contours of our services. As these aspects are expressed by various components that Scripture gives us the right to vary, our worship has the gospel anchors needed to keep it true and the scriptural freedoms needed to keep it fresh."

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