Saturday, September 15, 2012

Man in the Mirror

Here is a song by an artist by the name of Canon. In my opinion, he is one of the most talented, creative, and innovative rappers I've ever heard (and yes, I consider myself a well informed rap fan). In this song, called "Man in the Mirror", Canon does an exceptional job at uncovering the radical insecurities we all face. The song is a conversation Canon is having with 'the man in the mirror'. Through his own testimony, he captures the ways in which we all try to cover up our deep brokenness and insecurities with superficial masks. Further, this song exposes just how exhausting this constant battle for inner significance can be.

Whether we cover up our insecurities with make up, new shoes, fashionable clothes, a new car, success at our job, being 'cool', humor, or being trendy, when we honestly look at the man (or woman) in the mirror, we can't escape our constant  quest to be somebody. The question is, are you going to cover your insecurities with a superficial mask, or look to the One who can give true security and true life. Are you going to run on the treadmill of insecurity, or find rest and purpose in God.

I know many of you might pass this over because its rap, but at least read the lyrics if you can. The last verse is where he goes off.

I guess We wasnt suppose to see 
The things from underneath 
we wasn't suppose to find 
What lies beneath the sheets 
I guess We wasnt suppose to see 
The things from underneath 
we wasn't suppose to find 
What lies beneath the sheets 

He hopped up out the bed 
Cuz he was so afraid 
He remember what that man behind the mirror had said 

He saw behind the smoke 
He saw behind the shades
The man in the mirror spoke to him and then he said then he said 

I guess We wasnt suppose to see 
The things from underneath 
we wasn't suppose to find 
What lies beneath the sheets 

Can I ask you something?
Can I have your thoughts?
Do you like my chain?
Do you like my watch?
What about my shoes?
Take a look at this hat I bought
Just tryna be a little up with culture 
So It's a couple things I had to cop 

Man I know they like them 
You Better not start frontin 
You think im fly 
I call it stuntin 
Imma call your bluff 
Im on my parachute status 
You Can't touch this, oops!
Look at em now ( look at em)
Hes so immature, always gotta a lot to say
Man he must be insecure, Plus I can prove it 
Look at how he dress, Tryna be that cool brotha 
But he just that hot mess

Easy target, don't get me started
Steady Driving craes car, When really he takes the Marta
What he trying to prove? 
Who ya trying to impress?
When an act gets old to the crowd you perform in front of what happens next 

I can see past the clothes and the jokes now 
Yous a fake yous a fraud oh we know now 
Every gimmick you put up, we will throw down 
Yea we gone shatter every tower in yo town 

Man I know that I'm insecure, Do really You think I wanna walking around like this 
I'm tired and I'm sick and tired man I'm sick and tired of tryna please everybody I'm tired this tired of this 
From the morning when I'm picking out my clothes 
To the moment when I walk up out that door
My pride is shooting up to the roof top
While the self esteem finds its way to floor 
Man I know I got problems, And I ain't Finna sit and try to hide em 
So I am take this beat and just ride it 
And tell the world what I've been finding 
You done seen my issues, Insecure but I'm not gonna sit through 
Another day where I cant break The habit where I try to please anybody 
Now I gotta break loose 

Growing is so hostile its seeming freaking impossible, you trying to TAKE the time to mature but satan a rob you,
Facebook it listen Im done spread it on twitter, im taking back my life im a growing indian giver cuz one day canon will get up
Say goodbye to dat picture, personally separate the simpleton split up, personality changing the old canon I trashed that, this a monster who's trashing his sin and wrapped it dads bag so the bomb over bagdad no it isn't as bad as, the bomb ima drop on the last nerve I just had,
Im tryna grow to be Godly before I pass out, I started out spazing but skip it im getting spazed out

Im sick of this beast, I need a leash no more sitting, as I get murdered under the sheets cuz this struggle is undercover and its giving me grief, bloody painful Cane I feel so un Able to cease it believe that

Every accessorie that I put on, is like holloween its just a tool to cover what's wrong. Insecurity sits up under like cob is under corn, I just want to break its teeth and be free to see where im goin

So ashamed of this naked revelation kinda like its porn, if the problem gets any deeper then inside itl get torn,
but im already torn I just try to hide the issue, I got so much crap in my heart Im a need more than tissue (tissue)

But im like a pistol getting ready kill the problem,
my adrenaline rush gotta little bit of buz from lookin into the closet of problems and I got options well really one option is to be honest and see how God has been glorified with myself as the target.
My struggle is pride its so deep down inside and im tired of_ the entire way im inclined, I just wanna see such perfection I know im just a bride im the opposite of my husband he's perfect, he's a lion

King lion and I aint lying really im sick of trying, I know I aint perfect at being perfect cuz im blind, I notice my instincts knowing that yes yall my end stinks my entire fesaud is my account, its empty.

So lord build me higher than what bob was building
Raise me, to the bar higher than all ceilings
Sky is never my limit since my fathers the real thing
So im burning this mask so can you witness the real me.

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