Monday, September 17, 2012

Consider Your Oneness with Jesus

I recently heard an interview with Billy Graham a few years ago. He was asked to give advice to the younger generations, and comment on what he would have done differently in his life if given the chance to go back and do it again. Simply, he said something like, "I would spend more time just meditating on Jesus, and in prayer."

These words by C.H. Spurgeon in All of Grace reminded me of that exhortation..

"Deeply contemplate this partnership with the Son of God unto which you have been called, for all your hope lies there. You can never be poor while Jesus is rich, because you are as in one firm with Him. Want can never assail you, since you are joint-proprietor with Him, who is Possessor of heaven and earth. You can never fail. Though one of the partners in the firm is as poor as a church mouse, an utter bankrupt who could not pay even a small amount of his heavy debts, yet the other Partner is inconceivably, inexhaustibly rich. In such partnership, you are raised above the depression of the times, the changes of the future, and the shock of the end of all things...Christ and the believing sinner are in the same boat. Unless Jesus sinks, the believer will never drown. Jesus has taken His redeemed into such connection with Himself that He must first be struck down, overcome, and dishonored before the least of His purchased ones can be injured. His name is at the head of the firm, and because He cannot be dishonored, we are secure against all dread of failure."


When tired, when scared...I urge you not to search inside yourself for answers or for comfort or for strength. It doesn't work. Consider your oneness with Jesus.

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