Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perfection of Beauty

Shai Linne's new CD entitled The Attributes of God just dropped a few days ago. I think it's his best work yet and highly recommend it. I am amazed at how Shai is able to portray God's magnificence and exalt his glory. I am thankful for how God has gifted certain people in the arts, in order that we may more clearly see Jesus and behold His Beauty. I'll probably be posting a few songs here in the next couple days. Here's the opening track of the CD, Perfection of Beauty. It is written and performed by his wife Blair Linne. Hope you enjoy.

Perfection of Beauty
Written by Blair Linne

Beauty is sold in exchange for a "dime"
Nothing to attract us to You, yet we worship Your creation as fine
Captivated by its forbidden fruit
Pleasing our senses, so we suppress the truth
And eat the lie
Media's fig leaf deadening our soul and mind
Sin blinding us to You
The only objective Beauty that's truly absolute
Hidden in the symmetry of Your goodness, glory and truth
Each attribute working harmoniously
Justice with patience, wrath with graciousness
Omnipotence with humility, long-suffering with faithfulness
Each a note to a sweet melody
The ultimate hymn entitled "God's Beauty"
Immutable, no change
Because "dimes" get lost daydreaming in dark gutters
Unable to hear the call to wake up
They, the noose, dripping honeysuckle
Lips pasted on with Mac makeup
If they truly beheld Your beauty
You'd make magazines and Mattell go bankrupt
You sent Your Beloved to be lifted up
On a beautiful, seemingly ugly cross
The visible image of Your hiddenness
Only You are beautiful and yet invisible
True beauty is spiritual

Therefore, sanctify our worldly minds
Your complexion is unappealing to lustful eyes
Besides, apart from new birth in Christ
Sinners beholding Your Holy beauty would die
Therefore, beauty residing in the eye of the beholder is a lie
It is found in the Beautiful One- The Most High

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