Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Faithfulness of Christ

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Lord, is there any more mercy left
For this stubborn stiff-neck sinner who flirts with death
Any more goodness for me to smell and taste
Or have I dried up all the wells of grace
Could your fountain of love be empty
Jesus, is there any more of your blood to cleanse me
As soon as I thought I got this sin beat
I'm knocked from my feet and dropping in deep
Cause I played the whore and despised your glory
Even though you've only shown kindness towards me
I belittled your worth and spurned your Bible
Plus I turned aside to worthless idols
But in the mountains of your riches
There is abundant grace and storehouses of forgiveness
So I'm no longer doubting calamity
I thank you that I'm not kicked out of your family
I'm that snotty nose kid who trips-my knees are cut
But you never leave me down you lift and clean me up
So I'm running back to the cross
Where you suffered wrath for my sin I can't fathom the cost
So when the enemy's condemning me cause I offended Thee
I remember that my penalty was paid
So the Judge ain't mad
Cause He took His anger out on You like You were His punching bag.

I thank you Father that Your spirit convicts us
To return back to You where you hear us and fix us
Your compassion is deep after I weep
You're faithful to put me back on my feet
But this song is dedicated to all my fellow brothers and sisters who are devastated from fallen
Be thankful Jesus is so gracious
He's faithful even when we're faithless
We're not saved in accordance to our performance
Otherwise no one would have assurance
We're saved through faith in Christ's finished work
Which is His perfect life and sacrifice to forgive our dirt
So please be relieved
God sees you in Christ with the righteousness that He achieved
So if you fall repent He'll re-heal again
Then get back on your feet and keep killing sin
Don't stay down-look to the cross and the gospel
Get up renewed but be cautious and watchful
And truly die to your pride
Ask the Lord to create a clean heart and new desires inside
And recall how sin's deceit is so grievous
Now strive and press on to know Jesus
Giving praise to the King who is risen
Saying blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven 

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  1. Praise God for His boundless grace, His unmerited favor. There is nothing we can add to his accomplished, completed work on the cross. We did nothing but repent and believe to obtain salvation, and once we receive this freely given gift, there is nothing we can do to lose it.
    Laurie Collett, Saved by Grace