Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Page CXVI, a musical group committed to remaking hymns, so that they are accessible and known again is releasing their 4th project today. Click here if you want to check out some of the songs from their new CD, 'Hymns VI'. They are streaming them for free on the their website the rest of the week. The 'Hymns IV' comes out October 4th. 

The reason I love Page CXVI is that in their own words, they are a band, "committed to making original music that reflects one of our favorite characteristics about God-beauty." Besides remaking hymns and playing in churches, the same 3 members from Page CXVI also makes music under another name, 'The Autumn Film'. The Autumn Film existed prior to Page CXVI and exists to make music that isn't necessarily 'Christian', but music that nonetheless reflects God's beauty. The Autumn Film tours playing in bars and clubs across the country. I love this groups desire to bring the amazingly rich truth of hymns relevant again, and also their desire to engage culture through the medium of beautiful music. 

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