Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Just Gotta Know

The lyrics from a Lecrae song 'You Just Gotta Know'

And I just gotta know that even though I'm a misfit 
I'm still worth more than calamity's French kiss 
Yes I'm loved, and I'm pursued 
And though I can't feel it, still I know that it's true 
Somebody woke me up, and yeah, I know it was you 
And yet I keep tryin' to steer clear of your view 
Cuz if you get me, I know that you got me 
But I'm so insecure I can't believe that you want me 
But then I heard you went on your way to adopt me 
Well you can have my all if you swear you won't drop me 
Cuz I gotta know (yeah) 

God. The only one who loves us perfectly even though we are misfits. The only one who ultimately went out of his way to adopt us. These are things I need to know. 

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