Wednesday, December 8, 2010

About Sin

some sick rap lyrics from Timothy Brindle's 'The Battle'

"Sin, you're pathetic dude,
I'm having trouble hearin what you're sayin cuz I'm now dead to you,
so I don't have to listen to all that trash that you're spittin,
cuz I know all your tricks like you're a bad magician,
the joy you give is a fake dud,
after tasting Christ, you don't satisfy my taste buds,
So please, will you break out,
cuz I'm not hungry for you like vegans in a steakhouse,
This liar is easy to beat,
I'm way more attracted to Christ, you're no longer pleasing to me,
You're trife and ugly but Christ is lovely,
not to mention His righteous life covers me,
This scum should beat it,
Fighting me means you're fighting Christ who's undefeated,
You're still talking but you're dead,
Bring the Word of God, my sword, and off with your head"

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