Monday, September 6, 2010

He Himself is Enough

I've really noticed recently how so much of my prayer is centered on myself. I've found myself to be merely thankful to God for what he has given me in an earthly manner. Don't get me wrong, these gifts such as family, friends and education are wonderful, and God deserves every ounce of credit for sustaining me in those various ways, because it is only due to His immeasurable grace. However, I have more so seen how the extent of my prayers regularly don't extend past what God has given me in an earthly manner.

May I see God, the giver of gifts, as a gift in himself. His presence in my life is enough, because I am so unworthy. By enough, I mean, it is anything at all, which is everything. May we never lose sight of the incredible ways God showers us with earthly gifts, but may we ground our hope and root our joy in the person of Christ, who came as the ultimate gift of grace, giving himself to us for all eternity to rest in.


  1. Some words rapped by the one and only, Lecrae

    "God is the Gospel, not a new bentley, was empty, but He gave me life and that's plenty"


  2. 2Corinthians 12:9