Friday, August 13, 2010

Culprit vs. Child

“There is a difference between confessing sin as a culprit and confessing sin as a Child”

–C.H. Spurgeon

What a great reminder of our standing with God. A culprit confesses in fear. Fear of the consequences of his sins, fear of what the Judge’s sentence will be. As children we know that the court is adjourned. The sentence is in; because of Jesus, we are fully accepted by the Father and are fully approved. We are loved unconditionally as children. Therefore, we are able to freely confess, laying all our sins before our Father. We have been washed with His precious blood and are accepted once and for all. There is no fear in the confession of a child.


  1. this is awesome. enjoy nashville. im jealous. we gotta get lunch when you get back

    - wilson

  2. Mike, I would give you anything to be able to blog like you, except my life, and my dignity.
    Great post. Deep thoughts. Thanks.